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Hello, I'm Bruce Homme owner of Homme's Landscape and my love for the outdoors was captured as a youth. From discovering all the living things in my parents garden to catching fish at the lake with Dad.  On occasion I would make a dollar mowing a neighbor's lawn and back then

you could buy an ice cream cone for 10 cents on Tuesday's and Thursdays at Thriftys!

I did a lot of odd jobs during my summer vacations, from working with Dad at the shop to pushing a mower for a few neighbors. Right after High school in 1987, Homme's Landscape was launched with Dad's old pickup and my first self propelled mower from Western Auto. Every year the lawn buiseness grew and I used the money to go to college. I studied business courses and worked for my friend with his landscape company during the winter season.

In 1999 I received my contractor's license and I was able to do my installations as Homme's Landscape. I attribute our company knowledge to all the great talent we hired and the training we've invested in. It's a lot of fun looking back and watching the growth of a company started from scratch. Now Homme's Landscape specializes in Design and Installation for Commercial and Residential projects throughout North Eastern California.

If you're thinking about hiring a landscaper to do your project, feel free to schedule an appointment. There's no obligation and if you choose to use Homme's Landscape, you'll know you're getting a professional installation that works in your area.

Thanks for your interest in Homme's Landsape and I look forward to meeting you!

Bruce Homme
Homme's Landscape
Susanville, CA


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