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  Water feature installation on the rise.



 Construction of water features are gaining momentum as people look for way's to save water.   People are tearing out large chunks of lawn and replacing them with patio's walkways and yes, water features.  

A water feature uses less water then the same square footage of a lawn.  Some people take advantage of design allowing their water feature

to capture the occasional rainfall.  In fact a 1 inch rain event in a 500 sq ft. area will create 300 gallons of water.

With this in mind, water features are getting a lot of attention because you get all the beauty of a water garden without the cost of watering and maintaining a lawn.





A water feature adds beauty and they fit most anywhere.  Landscaping with water will  complement any area of your property.

This waterfall and stream livened up this entry.  The planting favored the native surroundings and night lighting reveals this little gem in the evening.

So if you're thinking about a California water friendly landscape, give yourself the gift of water.  This video has some beautiful examples of pondless waterfalls.

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Water Feature Installation on the Rise to save water.

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